Time Trials Tomorrow!

We’re close to kicking things off for SINGLETRACKS 2018.
All we need is a better weather forecast for tomorrow! The tracks are not all weather tracks so if there is any doubt, make sure you check here for an update on the day.

We have around 225 registered riders this year. An awesome number but also a large number to get through a fairly ambitious and tight little course of time trials.

There are some riders that need to finish earlier than others. If you are in no rush then let others start first and you can relax until a bit later on. This will help spread things out and you can get out on the course and support other riders!

Please … be patient and respect everyone on the course, fast or slow. It is supposed to be fun and the times are only a guideline for week 2 grades. Grades are adjusted each week so it’s not fixed after the time trials. This is not the championships day … treat each week as a build up and a chance to improve for the final race day.
Some riders will be held up, especially in TT1 on the downhill sections where passing is not really possible. If you’re worried about a hold up then get out there and smash the other time trials. They all count.

Parents, Teachers and Students: We have a number of volunteers out on the course as marshals and timers. They will be trying to concentrate for over 2 hours. All help that you can offer the timers would be fantastic, even if it’s for a little while and you pass it on to someone else. You can help manage the riders for the starters or call out numbers for the finish timers. Talk to them out on the course as they will need support.

Remember … there will be a lot of riders giving some tracks like Download, Murphs and Crocpot a go for the first time. Make sure it’s positive!

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