2023 Grades (these will be linked to headings below during the weekend before each weeks racing)

Grades for Week 1 – Wednesday 1st March 2023

This week the grades have been based on the selection at entry. Everyone is racing the core loop. Don’t stress about your grade! Just have fun and ride as fast as you can and the grade will be altered for next week.

If you selected A, B, or C you will be in those grades (or similar!) There will still be a range of abilities in these races as it is self selected. Each weeks grades will improve as results change grades.

If you selected C, ‘unsure’ or ‘sport’ then you will be in any of the mixed 1, 2, or 3 grades. These are all equal and in most cases schools will be grouped. The results from these races, along with the selection of ‘All’ or ‘Sport’ for the next races, will determine the changes in grades for the following weeks.

Grades for Week 2 – Wednesday 8th March 2023 Please read the information below.

These grades have been calculated using the previous weeks results and any other information provided to registration. Please note which race you are in, and which wave start.

There is no formula for this so it’s never going to be perfect. Please, if you have gone down a grade this is based on the results I have at hand. I can’t read any other details such as bad days, mechanicals, crashes etc. into a time on paper, unless I have been told about it.

NB. The riders that were fast enough to be in B grade or above and had selected ‘sport’ grade have been placed in the higher grades. This is in case there is some confusion over what they want to ride. Most riders at that speed will ride most of the tracks! Once again … these can be changed if it’s not the right grade for the rider.

If there is a glaring mistake or if you’re just not happy then please make contact with me. I’m happy to correct things. You can change the grade on the day if there is a genuine reason. This does create more work at registration at busy times.

PLEASE NOTE: Each grade is riding a slightly different course this week. Check out the maps!

Grades for Week 3 – Wednesday 15th March 2023

Please be aware that I can only formulate the grades based on previous times. In order to have a manageable number in each grade there will be some riders that have gone down grades simply because of the number of riders.

Remember … these first races are good practice and are supposed to be about riding, racing, and fun. Don’t stress about the grades, the last race in week 4 is an age group race.

Of course, if there is a glaring mistake or if you’re just not happy then please make contact with me.

The grade adjustments can be made significantly more difficult when taking into account the following factors;

  • Some riders have raced twice, some once.
  • Different grades have some course differences.
  • Crashes and mechanicals etc. mean that sometimes it can come down to a specific lap time rather than a finished time.

Grades for Week 4 – Wednesday 22nd March 2023

The week 4 races are graded in age groups (Age as at 31/12/23). Please note the earlier race start times. If you are in the wrong grade please email murray@singletrack.org.nz or arrive early enough to change races at registration.

‘Yet to Grade’ riders

You need to get to registration with enough time to consider what grade you want to ride in. Maybe you know someone that is a similar level of rider? Remember you will get the best riding in the correct grade as you will have less people passing you or less people for you to pass!

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