The Crocodile XC MTB Park trails offer course options for all levels of riders. Each grade will have slightly different courses so that beginner riders do not have to ride the advanced features.

SINGLETRACKS Schools Racing is run on private land owned by Dan van Asch and family. They have generously allowed the tracks to be developed over many years through the Christchurch Singletrack Club. They have also allowed access for members of the public to ride and enjoy the tracks!

Always respect the land and any signage, especially as some of the tracks run through a working farm. It’s a privilege to have such generous landowners and also hardworking members of the Singletrack Club that have built the tracks.

Crocodile was the first track to be built (2003) and is named after the rock in the valley just before Crocodile meets Deviation. Have a quick glance when you’re riding up there next time.