SINGLETRACKS 2018 is a series of 5 races finishing with the Canterbury Championships on March 21st.

Week 1 – Wed 28th February 2018 – Registration, XC Time Trial Series.

Week 2 – Wed 7th March 2018 – SINGLETRACKS XC.

Week 3 – Wed 14th March 2018 –SINGLETRACKS XC.

Week 4 – Wed 21st March 2018 – SINGLETRACKS XC.

Week 5 – Wed 28th March 2018 – Canterbury Secondary Schools XC MTB Championship.

Race Details

Course Details

SINGLETRACKS 2018 is open to Secondary School Students and Intermediate age students that can show they are able to ride the courses competently.

Age of competition will be as of February 28th 2018. All year groups up to age 16 will be provided with placings to show a fair level of competition at any age. 17 and older is classed as ‘open’ grade. Boys and Girls ride in the same races.

As this series uses lap races there will be 5 races (5 grades) on each race day to ensure there is less chance for a fast rider to catch a slower rider within the race distance. This minimises frustrations with passing, and being passed! It benefits you and other riders to be in the appropriate grade. Weeks 2-4 will be raced in grades with boys and girls racing together.

Canterbury Championships (final race – week 5) – These races will be competed in age group categories as this is how the results will be presented. A final decision relating to course configuration will be made nearer the date of the race.

The time trials in week one will be used to select grades. Results from 2017 will also be used to assist with grading of riders. After each week the grades will be altered where appropriate and the starting rank for each race will be determined by the previous results. If you have any questions about the grades, or you are able to provide relevant information for a grade placement, please make contact here. Contact

A Grade – Mini XC Course + added loops using Uppercrust and Murphs, Upload and Download, Crocodile and Crocpot.

B Grade – 3 laps for SINGLETRACKS MINI XC (There may be additions to the course if appropriate)

C Grade – 3 laps for SINGLETRACKS MINI XC.

D Grade – 2 laps for SINGLETRACKS MINI XC.

E Grade – 2 laps for SINGLETRACKS MINI XC.

Racers must be in school colours, if not cycling uniform, then PE type school uniform. No clothing with commercial sponsors or large logos can be worn for schools racing.