WEEK 1 consists of a SINGLETRACKS XC Core Loop race on C2, Crocodile, Deviation, and Lower Deviation. Five races will be run based on grade selections during the registration by your school through Enternow. There will be A, B, and C grade races, along with two mixed grade races that include any riders that selected D, ‘Sport’, or ‘Unsure’.

COURSE:  View the Week 1 XC Course Map here.

REGISTRATION: From 2.45pm at the race base in the upper dog exercise area.

RACE BRIEFING AND STARTS: Riders must be ready for race briefing 10 minutes before the start of a race. The race briefing will be in the start area. This area will be marked by two cones 10m below the start line which is marked by two cones and a start line on the ground. After the start you will go straight up into the track that takes you on to C2. There is no loop on the grass at the start. On each loop the race will exit the trees over the cattle stop and do the start/finish loop before heading back into the trees and C2.

IMPORTANT: When you register at this race, you will be asked to confirm whether you would like to race on courses using tracks from all of the time trials (Grades A,B,C, and D), or just the core XC Loop (Sport Grade) for the remaining 4 races. ALL or Sport? Please add this information or update what you wrote last week on the sheets at the registration table, either before your race, or after it.

GRADES: Grades will change each week based on results. The mixed grade races will be broken into 3 waves 20 seconds apart. Riders will be asked to line up with those that know they are pretty slow near the back and those that are going for the win near the front. Be realistic it will make the race more enjoyable!

It is in everyone’s best interest to be in the right grade to minimise passing or lapping. If you need to change your grade, for a good reason, please contact Murray. If you are trying to improve your grade, don’t give up if you get stuck on the first lap of a race … push hard on a lap time and point it out to me! Grades are not permanent so adjustments will be made after each race.

WEEK 1 GRADE LISTS HERE (When compiled after registrations close)

Don’t stress about your grade! Just have fun and ride as fast as you can and the grades will be altered for next week based on the times.


3:30pm – A Grade: 4 laps SINGLETRACKS Core XC Loop.

4:00pm – B Grade: 3 laps SINGLETRACKS Core XC Loop.

4:30pm – B Grade: 3 laps SINGLETRACKS Core XC Loop.

5:00pm – C Grade: up to 3 laps SINGLETRACKS Core XC Loop. (22 min cut off to do a third lap)

5:30pm – Mixed Grade: up to 3 laps SINGLETRACKS Core XC Loop. (22 min cut off to do a third lap)

You are responsible for counting your laps and knowing when to finish!

WARMING UP: The SINGLETRACKS XC loop may be used for warming up before 3.15pm. The Crocodile / Crocpot loop shown in blue on the course map is available for warming up. This can be accessed via the track above the normal entrance to the trees (see map). The Upper Dog Exercise area where below the race base can be used for warming up. There is to be no riding in any other areas of Halswell Quarry Park.

UNIFORM: Remember you are representing your school so you need to wear your school cycling tops and school (or plain) cycle shorts, or your school sports uniform. Sort it out now to be ready to race! 

AFTER YOUR RACE: There is no prize giving after the races so you are free to head off, or support your team mates. RETURN YOUR RACE NUMBER to the registration table.

ACCESS AND PARKING: Off Kennedys Bush Road, in the main carpark of Halswell Quarry Park. Race base information is here

TOILETS: There is a public toilet block in Findlay’s Picnic Area and down in the main quarry car park. Please access these via the track to the car park if you are on a bike. Keep them tidy and clean … we want to be allowed to come back for other races!

RUBBISH: This is a public reserve and it is expected that you take any rubbish away with you. Please leave it tidy so that it can be used for future events.