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ACCESS and PARKING: Off Cashmere Road and Kennedys Bush Road. Race base information is here

PLEASE NOTE: The only warm up area is in the Upper Dog Exercise area where the race base is located. There is to be no riding in any other parts of the Halswell Quarry Reserve. We need to work with council requests to maintain access through the reserve area.

REGISTRATION: Starts at 3.00pm. It will take around 2 1/2 hours for all of the riders to complete the time trials. At registration riders will be given their race number and twist ties to attach it to their bike. The number must be returned to the registration desk each week to ensure it is there the following week. They are not to be taken away until the series is complete.

IMPORTANT: When you register, you will be asked to confirm whether you would like to race on courses using tracks from all of the time trials (Grades A,B,C, and D), or just the core XC Loop (Sport Grade) for the remaining 4 races. ALL or Sport? Please add this information to the sheets at the registration table, either before your race, or after it. (We encourage you to ride on all the tracks as there are usually b-lines on very technical parts or you can walk over a section. Your skills will improve quickly!)

START TIMES: The first riders will start at 3.30pm at approximately 30sec intervals, and start times will be available until at least 5.30pm. There are over 200 riders to get through the time trials. Not every school needs to be there to start right on 3.30pm. There will be lots of waiting around if everyone wants to start the RED TT straight away! Please be prepared for delays.

The RED Time Trial is the main (and compulsory) time trial that all riders will need to complete. Time trials can be done in any order.

Time Trials ORANGE, GREEN, and BLUE are optional, however, we encourage you to try as many time trials as possible (it’s ok if you have to walk over a section of track).

To ride A, B, and C grades you will need to complete all time trial courses as they will be used in races. D grades will include many of these tracks so please complete as many of the four TTs as possible. Sport grade will only use the core xc loop, similar to the RED TT.

TIME TRIAL COURSES: View the Week 1 Time Trial Course Map here.

PASSING: Please respect all riders on the course. Everyone is trying to rider their fastest time! Slower riders, give faster riders a chance to pass easily, and faster riders, please choose appropriate passing places, a slower rider does not need to stop completely to let you past! If there are free starting spots then any time trial can be done more than once if you feel like you have been held up.

WARMING UP: The SINGLETRACKS XC tracks may be used for warming up before 3.15pm. After this the only available warm up area is the grass section of the upper dog exercise area. There is to be no riding in any other areas of the Halswell Quarry Reserve.

UNIFORM: Remember you are representing your school so you need to wear your school cycling tops and school (or plain) cycle shorts, or your school sports uniform. Sort it out now to be ready to race!

AFTER YOUR TIME TRIAL: There is no prize giving after the time trail so you are free to head off, or support your team mates. RETURN YOUR RACE NUMBER to the registration table.

RUBBISH: This is a public reserve and it is expected that you take any rubbish away with you. Please leave it tidy so that it can be used for future events.

TOILETS: There is a public toilet block in Findlay’s Picnic Area and down in the main quarry car park. Please access these via the track to the car park if you are on a bike.

RESULTS: Results will be posted on Facebook and the Singletracks Website later in the evening or the following day. They may take a bit longer for this race given the number of time trials.