Download a larger PDF of the Week 1 Time Trial Course Map here

The RED time trial is the only compulsory TT for all riders. Have a go at as many as you can do, even if you need to walk a section!
It is recommended that you ride all of the time trials unless you plan to ride in the sport grade that races on the same core loop each week. Grades A-D will be utilising most tracks.

RED TT – Starting at the ponds, heading up C2 and out of the trees onto Crocodile, turning left into the Poplars Loop and then down through the Creek (there is a B-line option). Turn onto Deviation and down Lower Deviation, near the end of Lower Deviation head right to the finish.

ORANGE TT – Start on C2, head up Elegator, ride down either Spurious (grade 4) or Off the Cuff (grade 3), ride along Down & Out taking the A or B line at the end. Continue up Uppercrust until it meets Murphs, and descend Murphs until the finish by the ponds.

GREEN TT – Up Upload and down Download. Simple.

BLUE TT – Start by going up Crocodile until the top of the pine forest then descend down Crocpot, finishing just before the track end.