Time Trial Loops

TT1 is the only compulsory TT for all riders. Have a go at as many as you can do!

A grade riders need to ride all four time trials. It is recommended that B grade try all time trials as well. If numbers allow then B grade will be using these tracks in racing.

TT1 – Starting at the ponds, heading up C2 and out of the trees onto Crocodile, turning left onto Deviation and down Lower Deviation, around the tree at the bottom of Lower Deviation and ending on the wooden section at the start of C2.

Transition to TT2 – roll straight down C2 and stop before the first RH corner. (If you are not doing TT2, exit off the side of C2 where TT2 starts)

TT2 – Start on C2, around the RH berm and left into Uppercrust, climb until you meet Murphs and descend to the end on the flat at the bottom.

Transition to TT3 – Move along C2 (50m) to the bottom of Upload and Download.
(If you are not doing TT3, exit through the gate to return to the Dog Exercise Area Race Base)

TT3 – Start by going up Upload and return via Download!

Transition to TT4 – Go out the gate into Halswell Quarry Reserve, walk your bike up the walking track back to the Dog Exercise Area Race Base, then enter the MTB Park at the cattlestops.

TT4 – Start at the noticeboard area and climb Crocodile up to the beginning of Crocpot, turn before the cattle stop and descend Crocpot to the end at the noticeboard area.

PDF of Time Trial Map 2018