Week 2 – Access to Halswell Tracks

Hi Everyone,
We’re still playing a waiting game with access to Halswell Quarry. We will make a decision on Monday as to whether or not we can race once we have confirmed access (or lack of access) for Wednesday, but it’s not sounding hopeful.
We’ve considered a few different options for racing but creating and using a new track for races involving a lot of riders is not a quick thing. Course, communication, H&S … it all takes a long time!
If access is open we’re all go for week 2.
If access is closed, the week 2 race will move to week 3 and it will be a 4 race series. I will continue to modify information on the website over the next few days as we adjust things!
The week 2 information on the website includes some prize winners. Thanks CamelBak and Ground Effect.
See week 2 details here.


WEEK 1 – Time Trial – NEW VENUE!

We have had confirmation that Halswell Quarry will not be accessible for the first week of racing so the time trial will now be held on the new Montgomery Spur Track off Rapaki.

I will post some more details regarding race day access and timing later on. If you want to check out the course then head up Rapaki to the flat middle section, then a short distance after going through the gate turn left and back up to Montgomery Spur. Follow the arrows in an anti clockwise direction.

Please get this info to anyone you know that is riding on Wednesday in the first race of the SINGLETRACKS 2017 series.


Track Status

The SINGLETRACKS XC loop used for racing at Halswell is undamaged by the fires and is able to be used for the schools series!
The access is currently closed because of Fire Service and Civil Defence using Halswell Quarry.
We will make a decision regarding the first race on Monday 27th Feb. By this stage we should have a better idea when it will be open.
Please respect the closure and stay away from the tracks until they are officially open.

An Update for Day 1

A few people have asked about start times for the time trial on day one.
Assuming we have access to the tracks on day 1, registration starts at 3pm with the first rider racing at 3.30pm, and following riders will be sent off at approx 30-45 second intervals. You can select your start time by writing your name and number in a time slot at the registration table. You will then be responsible for getting to the start line at the correct time.
To avoid the need for passing on the course, faster riders should take the earlier race times, and slower riders near the end. If your school has a number of riders then think about the order they go in! Fastest to Slowest. It will benefit every rider.
Remember you are representing your school so you need to wear your school cycling tops and school (or plain) cycle shorts, or your school sports uniform. Sort it out now to be ready to race!
Some more details will come soon but this gives an idea of how the first day will run.
We are currently waiting for information about tracks and access and will update as soon as we know.
Check out the ‘quick tips’ option for filling in a bit of time before or after your time trial. Register on the day.


Tracks Don’t Just Happen!

Most of us just want to get out and ride and expect to get on some great tracks. For school aged riders the tracks have always been there, for some of us oldies we know what it’s like to ride on muddy 4WD tracks!  Over time we’ll introduce you to some of the volunteers doing the hard work.

In the last few months, there’s been a bit of extra work happening around the Halswell tracks. We want to introduce you to Allister and tell you what he’s been up to, and say thanks – we love what you’re doing!

Allister at the bottom of the climb out of Crocodile.

Allister’s idea of retirement is volunteering about 14 hours a week, usually out there on his own, maintaining and building tracks.

He’s touched up Take the Low Road, so it’s nice to climb (goodbye to the 4WD track!), and it’s also better to descend. There’s an easier climbing line that takes you up to the 4WD track with no steep bits (loving that, thanks). It’s called Dan’s Dash.

He finished Al’s Alternative a few months ago, and it goes from a switchback on Crocodile (in the valley) up to the start of Deviation. It’s a straight forward climbing line, with only one steep pinch to negotiate. Also good for heading down, and could be a good option for races down the track.

In the last couple of weeks he’s completed a climbing line on Crocodile (from down in the valley) that avoids the steep and sometimes muddy section on the North side. There’s now lots more options for interesting laps around the Halswell Tracks.

If you’ve been out on your bike in the last few days you might’ve noticed that some of the steeper sections of Crocodile (from the start of Deviation) have been improved, and some of the steeper switchbacks are much easier to ride. Thanks Allister!

If you’re out on the tracks, and see Allister working, make sure you stop and have a yarn, and say a big thank you. He’s one of the people putting in the hard yards, giving us the amazing tracks we like to ride.



New passing line on XC race loop!

Exciting little changes on the XC race loop in Halswell today. The Singletrack Club had a hard working group adding a passing line on Crocodile.

It will be brilliant for the SINGLETRACKS XC races, giving a dual line of about 30m at a point where the riders with a little more puff can take the chance to pass before heading to Deviation and the downhill. Great news for the races!