Grading for Race 3

Another awesome week of racing last week, however there have been a few questions regarding grading, so here’s a bit of detail and insight into how it works!
At the start of many races, especially in the first corners and climbs, the track can get congested. It even happens in world cup races!  It’s caused by the number and order of riders, the course, or riders not managing to ride through a technical piece of track.
Race 2 was graded from Race 1 which was a non-technical time trial. This had some effect for riders in Race 2.
To help make the start of the race run smoothly, we’re making a couple of small changes to the lines that can be taken in the early corners. We’ve also done more work on the grading.
The grading for week 3 has been worked out with lots of effort, taking into consideration the total time from Race 2, the rider’s fastest lap in Race 2, and the time from Race 1. Major crashes and mechanicals have also been considered. This should make for a smoother start and minimise unnecessary passing.
Please don’t worry about the position you (or your child) has been placed in. Some have changed grades based on results and some grades have changed simply to balance the numbers in the four races. You may or may not be in the order of placing from Race 2. You should be around riders of similar ability. You are in a position that best reflects your results so far, and this should make it more enjoyable!
If you do get stuck behind other riders, work out how you can best conserve your energy to be ready to take advantage of a passing space. There are three races to go, aim to improve your technique and your times over the series.
And most importantly – Have fun!

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