Week 2 – Access to Halswell Tracks

Hi Everyone,
We’re still playing a waiting game with access to Halswell Quarry. We will make a decision on Monday as to whether or not we can race once we have confirmed access (or lack of access) for Wednesday, but it’s not sounding hopeful.
We’ve considered a few different options for racing but creating and using a new track for races involving a lot of riders is not a quick thing. Course, communication, H&S … it all takes a long time!
If access is open we’re all go for week 2.
If access is closed, the week 2 race will move to week 3 and it will be a 4 race series. I will continue to modify information on the website over the next few days as we adjust things!
The week 2 information on the website includes some prize winners. Thanks CamelBak and Ground Effect.
See week 2 details here.


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