An Update for Day 1

A few people have asked about start times for the time trial on day one.
Assuming we have access to the tracks on day 1, registration starts at 3pm with the first rider racing at 3.30pm, and following riders will be sent off at approx 30-45 second intervals. You can select your start time by writing your name and number in a time slot at the registration table. You will then be responsible for getting to the start line at the correct time.
To avoid the need for passing on the course, faster riders should take the earlier race times, and slower riders near the end. If your school has a number of riders then think about the order they go in! Fastest to Slowest. It will benefit every rider.
Remember you are representing your school so you need to wear your school cycling tops and school (or plain) cycle shorts, or your school sports uniform. Sort it out now to be ready to race!
Some more details will come soon but this gives an idea of how the first day will run.
We are currently waiting for information about tracks and access and will update as soon as we know.
Check out the ‘quick tips’ option for filling in a bit of time before or after your time trial. Register on the day.


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